loved Argo, gonna see something else tonight

mednez and jimmy carter

i have a new job.

same company, different role.

i get in at 6am, which means im free to go at 2:30pm

which means i can hit up bargain matinees after work. or hike. or do laundry.

of course it also means i cant really party heartily late at night

or watch the daily show (because it comes on at 11pm for some reason on my tv)

and it means a lot of the things i used to do in the morning i cant do

because 5am doesnt afford itself much bonus time when your first meeting is pretty much at 6.

so yesterday i got home, changed clothes, and walked over to the movies

and was thoroughly entertained with dumb ben affleck’s movie argo.

yes he shouldnt have starred himself in the role in which he poorly directed himself

but i guess when you’re a good enough director to get a film like that made

then whatevs, no one else, for some reason, is doing it, so go bro.

theres a lot of movies i havent seen in the last year because of one thing or another.

so i may make a little routine out of this: head home, change, see the bargain

walk over to the grocery store, make food,

get to bed early.

stay outta trouble.