1. Tuesday, October 9, 2012

    ali and i bought hats, because its nice to have new hats 

    we went to the glendale galleria, a mall that is doing its best to stay relevant
    despite the fact that right across the street is the Americana
    which is the glendale version of the Grove.

    the galleria has a lot of things going for it, namely lots of stores
    lots of real estate, and lots of parking.
    parking in LA is just as valuable and goods and services.

    other day a former xbi agent invited me for drinks
    and i almost canceled because the place has terrible parking options
    i wanted to say, you know better than this,
    all the places in LA and you wanna go
    to the one place where parking is horrible?

    speaking of cars, did you hear gas is $5 a gallon right now in Cali?