danielle forgot something

danielle in my camaro

I missed my love’s birthday. And I am sorry.
I would like to say for the record I am still in the
acceptable realm of belated birthday wishes.
I did have an overwhelming sensation while riding my bike
that went something like this,
” Oh…Hmmm, (la la la ride my bike look so nice la la la) why,
why do I feel like something is amiss,
is because I missed something?
Hmmm, did I forget something? Like a birthday?
Oh shit, it was Tony’s Birthday. Fuck”
I think you clearly get the idea.
And albeit, a shitty thing to do especially because I love
birthdays, AND it is one of my bestest and closest friends too.
The internal alarm clock DID go off( I am a great IAC–internal alarm clock)
And I am unbelieveably punctual
but not

My LOOVVVEEEE, Please Forgive me.
Ha, le blogger de bus would never be as
upset about this as I am–he just wants me
to blaaawwwggg
You are the bestest my love
Happy Birthday! Happy Belated Birthday!
Lets have fun in real life soon. I come visit, K?


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