hey tony, where do you get Barbasol?

barbasol cans

longtime reader RobW noticed a nice fat can of Barbasol on my sink and asked where i got it. “they don’t have it here on the East Coast, except for the menthol version,” he wrote.

here on the west coast the 99 cent store is a fun place to get weird items that go for double or triple the price elsewhere.

some 99 cent stores are fake. they’re “99 cent and up”, so dont fall in love with that plunger, it might be $5.

but at 99 cent only stores, everythings a buck or less.

puppy calendars, duct tape, hand sanitizer, everythings a buck.

i like to get fresh salsa, bananas, potatoes, draino, liquid hand soap, plastic flower pots, and yes, shaving cream there

how do they do it??? well heres one way…

old and new barbasol

for quite a while a man could get an 8 ounce fat can of Barbasol

it seemed to be made just for stores like 99 cent stores

or dollar sections of grocery stores or something

but now its taller, making you think you’re getting more shaving cream

but the jokes on you, the new can only holds 7 ounces.

same low 99 cent price though

so whatevs.