how many bands a quarter the age of the stones dont sound as alive

the rolling stones

the only band that mattered during the british invasion are still at it and theyre doling out new tracks next month

the rolling stones, a band that is 50 years old is making music that Jet wishes it made

simple, bluesy, raunchy, and mildly political without losing the most important aspect of rock:

make stuff strippers can dance to.

many moons ago i saw the original guns n roses open for the stones here in LA

guns were at its peak. everyone thought it was gonna be the passing of the torch.

but no, guns imploded pretty much right before the eyes of 100k people at the coliseum

and then mick and the boys came out and shrunk that impossible audience down

and placed us under their thumbs.

it was a sight i’ll never ever ever forget

and one mr joe biden pretty much impressed on young paul ryan tonight.

son, lemme show you how it’s done, is something the stones have been doing for a bloody long time

and its nice to see they’re still at it