im gonna kick tomorrow

theres a message – a huge message – on the wall at the facebook headquarters that says

“what would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

i’d probably kiss someone i have in mind one last time

and disappear completely.

its not like i have anything against america

and certainly not against hollywood

but theres one final frontier that undercover superheros graduate into

when they fully become committed to a cause.

buddhists call it emptiness: a spiritual and emotional place devoid of karma.

even though Christians dont have a word for it, its the place Jesus invited the rich prince to join him in

when he dared him “sell all yr crap and follow me.”

fear for some is a motivator and for others its the thing that keeps us down.

we’re gonna die anyways.

we’re gonna be down anyways.

and as my mom told me last night regarding pamela anderson on dancing with the stars

“even if you end up in the worlds biggest sex tape, people forgive

“and forget.

“so rock


“till you