1. Friday, October 26, 2012

    love halloween, hate dressing up 

    Milhouse Van Houtendont know what the problem is with me and clothes

    but we have a huge problem.

    im even told i dont wear shorts well.

    i’ll wear a nice hawaiian shirt and some plaid shorts and some white socks and sneakers

    and im told that my shirt is wrinkled, and it doesnt match the shorts

    and my socks are old and white and have lost their elastic

    and that my shoes are too big for my feet.

    so the other day i was thinking, maybe i should just dress as a Blues Brother for the rest of my life

    black suit, white shirt, black tie, raybans, hat

    and a harmonica.

    but im sure someone would have a problem with that too.

    halloween is the worst of them all.

    no matter what i wear people are all, who the hell are you.

    so this year im thinking about either being Tom Morello: Cubs hat, done!

    or an Insane Clown Posse dude: white and black facepaint and orange soda!

    i went to one of those Halloween Stores last night.

    what a crazy world that was. they took over this abandoned mexican grocery store

    and even though the place was packed, they only had two registers open.

    so i put down my mask that had nothing to do with what i was gonna wear

    and went home.

    i hate waiting more than i hate clothes.