1. Sunday, October 28, 2012

    so yeah Tsar played an Elementary School saturday morning 

    was only a buck to get in

    it only cost a buck

    Abraham Solomon

    abraham solomon was there

    kids love Tsar, little known fact

    kids love Tsar, little known fact

    kids love Tsar, little known fact

    even very little ones

    but they kept their distance

    i tried to tell the children that there was nothing to fear from the dual guitar attack,
    if anything you should embrace it, but as the replacements song says kids wont listen

    eventually more kids and parents came and hid beneath the shade section

    even some of the older fans hid in another shade section

    Jeff Tsar said mid-song “hey we want a shade section!”

    kings of the school

    but even in the shade two of the little girls weren’t happy with the new tune “Police Station”,

    tsar school

    later they screamed for “Little Women”.

    and Jeff was all, if you can spell it, we’ll play it. which isn’t real fair when heckling 4 yr old fans

    i forgot to get a tshirt

    coulter’s bass drum had one on, i was hella jeals


    eventually the kids came back when Jeff asked if anyone wanted to be in their first slam pit,

    but the principal said no pits, so Tsar said ADIOS PUMPKIN FESTIVAL!

    and they left the stage

    the end!