today is aj’s birthday, shes 24

when aj and i met she looked like this: long hair, maybe a streak of pink in there

aj in college

at the famously magical makeout party we looked like this:

me and aj

when she was fixing to graduate she looked like this:

aj ucsb

new years eve 1994:

nye 1994

last month in los feliz:

aj is a superstar. doing what she wants. doing what she loves.

making money helping people at what they most love.

whats better than that?

right now shes on a road trip back to nyc where shes been living for far too long

soon the stars will send her back to the west coast

the best coast

where she was born. and we will all rejoice.

until then we are happy that the other coast has treated her well

and appreciated our sweet and sassy mermaid.

happy birthday aj!

happy trails Tami!

tami abdollah

the AP reported that it is stealing one of our best reporters.

you may remember she was the first blogger i hired here at KPCC.

my favorite work of hers was when she scooped everyone else on the Hamilton High scandal when the 2010 Music Teacher of the Year was fired for allegedly having relations with the youngsters.

AP even wrote a story about hiring her today:

AP hires law enforcement reporter in LA

By The Associated Press
Posted: 11/09/2012 11:45:55 AM PST
Updated: 11/09/2012 11:45:56 AM PST

LOS ANGELES—Tami Abdollah is rejoining The Associated Press to cover law enforcement in Los Angeles.

The appointment was announced Friday by West Region Editor Traci Carl. Abdollah starts Jan. 7.

“We are excited to have Tami join us in Los Angeles,” Carl said. “She is a tireless reporter who will keep AP ahead on an important beat.”

Law enforcement was among the topics Abdollah covered during three years with the Los Angeles Times starting in 2006. She left journalism in 2009 and spent a year in Baghdad working for an organization that assisted with the U.S.-led rebuilding effort.

Abdollah returned to full-time reporting in 2011, working first as a temporary legislative reporter for the AP in Salem, Ore., and then joining Los Angeles public radio station KPCC as an education reporter. Earlier in her career, she held internships at The Wall Street Journal, working in Brussels and Paris.

Abdollah is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, and spent a year studying at The Sorbonne University/Center for Critical Studies in Paris.

Tami and I worked together at the LA Times and it was a joy to be her boss for a short period of time here at KPCC.

it will be fun to compete against her now that we know each other’s secrets :)

do you know i love you?

fight the power

i do.

keep fighting.

keep working.

keep studying.

keep rocking.

not every step on the journey is going to be deeply fulfilling.

not every morning is going to bring enlightenment.

not every page you turn in the book of life is going to give you something to highlight.

but strangely, sometimes, when you look back from afar,

you’ll be all,

how on earth did i pull that off?

you can pull it off.

and thats why we all <3 you