Da Bears put this Jay Cutler pic as their Facebook background image

chicago bears

only Cutler, who has quarterbacked the 7-1 team, could get this sort of reaction:

Ryan Zelek oh god why

Dorian Mapp YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl Chey Ebert Yummy

Jeffrey Good should be Charles Tillman instead of jay cutler oh well

Matt Cumings OMG there’s no hope for us now. Look what an alcoholic he looks like.

Josh Wheels Fogel love the bears but why cutler REALLY

Megan Gilliland Dobner I’d prefer Urlacher, thanks.

James Thomas Mahoney Add a cigarette

Alex Rurka He’s pouting!! LOL

Lee Walston Who’s that chick?

Benny Beenz Miller Sorry this should be Tillman or somebody on the defense.. Cutler has yet to show up as a Bear and he will get Marshall seriously injured throwing to him soo much..

Nancy Ruzicka Thiede looking tired, new baby maybe.

Kevin Brunski is that the new cover for “OUT” magazine?

Nicholas Dole Why isnt it Tillman im pretty sure he had more touchdowns the cutler in the last game?

Joseph Mathew cutler looks like he has that face on before each green bay game: ‘oh crap’

Cesar Cabañas Should be Urlacher instead of that chick

Zach Sears Cutlers a dbag, but he’s my fav teams QB…

Mark Koruba Emo warrior.

Bears vs Texans tonight in the battle of 7-1 teams. BEAR DOWN CHICAGO BEARS!

I am a sinner who’s probably gonna sin again – Lord forgive me, Lord forgive me

who doesn’t love the new Kendrick Lamar?

even the perennial stuck up girl in the corner, pitchfork gave “good kid, m.A.A.d city” a 9.5 last month.

the compton native, to me, brings us back to where Kayne took us before he started interrupting Taylor Swift.

and look, now even Lady Gaga is trying to gank his style with a demo remix of one of the brand new tunes.

but even she cant kill his vibe.