nothing in here is true

all up in my snatch

the real reason this blog has the motto that it does

is because the Internet should not be trusted.

you should be highly suspicious to anything you see on the web.

for example, i am not an undercover superhero working for an underground agency called the xbi

i am a


undercover superhero who no longer works for (un)said agency.

likewise, if you are a production assistant on an abc news affiliate in the thin air of denver

you should probably not just go ahead and grab the first screenshot you see of a book youve not read

especially if it has the red-flag word “snatch” somehow in the title

even though im very happy for longtime blogger John Aravosis for nailing down the scoop

im curious if anyone at KMGH actually looked at the graphic before they decided to broadcast it

what is it about this Gen. Petraeus “scandal” that has everyone who touches it covered with mud?

and if you are going to use a screen shot for a book cover,

why arent you using

could it be that said production assistant possibly wanted that faux book cover to air?

too bad we’ll never ever ever get to the bottom of this.

they are letting people take the car pool lane if they are driving alone


if you wanna take it, you put a little transponder in your car

and drive in the lane, and theres an electric sign that tells you how much it will cost

the sign changes based on traffic which is sorta douchey but whatevs

cuz last night i needed to get from downtown to watts

and i was late.

the sign said it was gonna cost $2.80

and i was all, works for me

and no one i mean no one was in the carpool lanes

and everyone was jammed in the non carpool lanes

and it was the best $2.80 ive ever spent

and now i love you los angeles freeways

i mean payways

so much