1. Thursday, November 1, 2012

    a look back at October 2012 


    oct 1 the month started off hot, depending on which tv station you were tuned into

    oct 2 aj took a picture of me, so i took one of her, then we grubbed out at Home.

    oct 4 i win my first fantasy baseball league in a million years. im freakishly thrilled.

    oct 5 biebs is in town. he lets me borrow his fisker. the kids were mean to him. so i wrote him a post

    fishbone, the director of their film, and my old record store cohort maria
    oct 6, totally interviewed fishbone to huge success. no big deal

    oct 7 a silly thing to say to someone who has control of the chip in yr head.

    oct 7 i have the greatest friends

    oct 8 thank you, canada

    ali with hat
    oct 9, super hot valley girl took me hat shopping. somehow she ended up with the better chapeau

    oct 10 xbi didnt like me revealing this weird little thing they do.

    sass gets married
    oct 11 your girl sass got hitched on 10/11/12

    john rabe, tony pierce, endeavour
    oct 13 a spaceship began her slow stroll through los angeles. bonus: gary leonard took my picture

    oct 14 Barbasolgate, y’all

    oct 15 the best way to break the hearts of men

    mormon temple in westwood
    oct 17 a man seriously running for president admitted he once had binders filled with women

    midnight tacos at midnight
    oct 18 what my new hero said about carrots

    i love hanson
    oct 19 i wanted to say my mom doesnt even have this number

    bob dylan steve lopez
    oct 21 some weird history into a bob dylan song you probably dont listen to

    oct 22, i turn 164 years old

    oct 23, for my bday the xbi jets me to vegas with the clippers and we eat at a buffet

    oct 24 chopperd back to hollywood and have a surprise dinner with some of my lovely amigos

    tree doesnt fall far from the river
    oct 25 someone tried to stop my mom from early voting and they learned not to tell black women no

    oct 26 tsar played an elementary school’s great pumpkin festival

    oct 27 nothing will get me to tell you the truth about this night

    oct 30 started working the 6am shift, which means i can go hiking now after work and seeing bargain matinees