all i have to do is post three times a day for the rest of the year

and this will be the most prolific year

of the world famous busblog.

i dont know how this happened.

a famous man once said:

good life, bad blog;

bad life, great blog.

was this year really that bad?

the worst in 11 years of busblogging?

rung in the new year spooning with a cute girl.

all year i only puked out of the side of a cab

while wearing makeup once.

got to go to wrigley field for the first time in years. and it was heavenly.

saw: dylan, van halen, dinosaur, guns, the hives, sea wolf, nerf herder and tsar.

perhaps the advent of easy to use mobile posting via wordpress helped.

or maybe theres an inordinate amount of inspiration flowing in this town.

ninjas be laying it out.

look out.