ate some deep fried turkey yep

turkey deep fryer

karisas bf and his buddies set up the death trap but because theyre scientists no one got hurt

me, i protected the alcohol from an alien invasion

even though we were hella late, so was erryone else so i prepared for my dish

open other end

not everyone can make the perfect plate of cb sauce but, with the help of jeanine, voila!

people literally went crazy when they ate it.

example a

because no one trusts scientists, they cooked a regular turkey and of course there was the deep fried buddy

there was also plenty of water. actually there was plenty of everything.

people ate and were amazed. so amazed they didnt even eat at the table because it glowed of awesome too much.

shack and dog

then people started playing with the dog

then mary started dancing on karisas brand new table

then jeanine and karisa started talking in russian. and they couldnt stop after a while.

then hot toddys were fixed up real nice along with dessert. which was delightful.

then people started passing out. which is always funny.

merry christmas y’all!