brooke burke reveals she has cancer

but the good news she says is its “good cancer”.

never heard that one before.

but i will say the scar she says she will live with,

will be the hottest scar ever.

many moons ago brooke and i worked in the same building

technically in the same company, but to me, talent like her was a million miles away.

back then E! had jules asner, aisha tyler, joan rivers, and many others roaming the halls.

brooke would sign calendars once a year for the employees. and who doesnt love calendars?

and even though she knew some of us would want to take pictures, she never really dolled herself up

or caked on a ton of makeup like they plastered on her for the news or “wild on”

and i really thought that was the type of confidence that you dont see a lot here in hollywood

where everything is about appearances, especially when youre in her line of work.

anyways i will say a prayer for her tonight,

even though i know she won’t need it.