dude awarded $25k the last time Hawthorne PD arrested him for taking pics, jailed again

earlier this month Daniel J. Saulmon was detained for 4 days for shooting this video in Hawthorne, CA.

in 2005 mr. saulmon won $25,000 when in a settlement when he was arrested on a similar charge.

it is not illegal to photograph police (or anything) happening on public streets. and unless an officer has reasonable cause to suspect you are doing something illegal, you are not required to produce identification in California.

will photographing police while they’re working upset them? sure. would you be annoyed if someone was photographing you while you were working? probably. but if your job is about knowing the laws and enforcing them, you are often held to a different standard in relation to laws.

also, im sure mr. saulmon, and his bicycle, and his camera, are probably the last things police want around when theyre working.

with that said he spent 4 days in jail for this and something tells me he will either get another $25k, or more for this incident.

it also reminds me of this one:

which makes think that police and sheriffs deputies need to rethink how they are going to deal with this modern era where people have cameras and recording devices everywhere

and often, they are the new subjects of the reality show that will instantly be published online.