1. Sunday, November 4, 2012

    enjoying revelations 


    I’m almost done reading the bible for the second time


    the book of revelation is the grand finale with all the fireworks

    it’s sorta weird to me that a country that swears its God fearing and based in the bible hardly ever talks about revelations

    and pretty much no one other than metal bands talk about the number of the beast and its significance

    I mean if you’re seriously Christian isn’t the end of your book just as important as the beginning?

    especially I the main reason people are attracted to religion is about what happens in the end

    as opposed to celebrating how it all started?

    stop the presses if I ever get to question alleged Christian presidential candidates because I’d omg ask them about the good book

    During all this skepticism about Obama allegedly being a Muslim why didn’t Fox just sit him down for a half hour and talk about Moses and David and Jesus and Paul

    the question I’d have for him tonight would be “why does Michael lead the charge against Satan in the War of Heaven in Revelation? Why wasn’t it Peter or Samson or Abraham?”

    Detail I don’t remember from reading Revelations the first time: all the mentions of “the bottomless pit”.

    it’s also way easier to follow than I remember.