1. Monday, November 5, 2012

    had the day off today so i went for a little drive 

    as an american its my duty to burn as much gasoline as humanly possible

    the plan was to use the gift card my mom got me for my bday and score some kicks

    but i have ADD so i got distracted and thought id take in a movie. no luck.

    apple store

    so i went to the back door of the apple store to get a secret cord
    to connect my iPhone 5 to my iPhone 4 car charger.
    after i slipped the genius $40 i was back on my way

    went to a mall and made sure to take the 4 foot ticket with me. saw some sweet street art:

    said hi to the helicopters above me that were trailing me:

    saw a very odd South Park character i didnt recall in all of the 16 seasons:

    did i mention it was hot?

    got to see my favorite tree in santa monica, ate at Carl’s Jr.,

    bought the shoes, and took the side streets all the way home.

    loved it.