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folioscarlisa asks: Afro with beard or bald and shaven?

when i want to feel like im from the future i do this:

i shave as closely as i can

head and face.

but usually shortly after im done i feel like bob geldof in the wall.

i realize he also shaved his eyebrows, which is creepy as hell,

but it’s not a good look for anyone who doesn’t want to live in space.

for movember im letting my beard grow out.

people seem to like it.

and i like it because thats one less thing i have to do every 3rd day or so.

but unfortunately a lot of my beard includes gray hairs.

which is bad if youre in the xbi because people seem to think that they can outrun you.

and then you have to run after them.

and beat they punk asses.

some xbi agents will just shoot someone who’s fleeing

but i dont wanna accidentally hit someone or something.

id much rather just run after them because although many people can sprint,

most bad guys run out of steam after 4-5 blocks.

endurance is everything, as im sure you know, coach carlisa.

anyways when i dont have a beard i look about 15 years younger

which i also like.

so the answer to your question is bald with a beard.