1. Thursday, November 8, 2012

    if you’re a man, and you see an unused pregnancy test thing 

    you should pee on it.

    i think you can get them at the 99 cents store.

    why should you pee on it?

    because this dude in canada did and he discovered that he had testicular cancer

    or however its spelled.

    turns out the same junk that ends up in a lady’s pee when shes pregnant

    ends up in a dudes pee when he has nut cancer.

    God is amazing.

    or the angels.

    but probably God.

    anyways this canadian dude peed on his gf’s pregnancy test stick and it said he was pregnant and his gf LOLed and wrote about it on Reddit

    and because the hive is amazeballs a bunch of people were all whoah send that canadian to obamacare.ca because bro might be sick

    so because canada is pro-health, he was able to get seen by a doc pretty fast

    and when the results came in they were all youve got something cancerish in there, eh, sorry

    but the good news is they found it early, eh, and he will live now forever

    the end!

    so go pee on the preggo stick, everyone

    especially now during movember.

    photo by Sean Wallace in nyc