1. Wednesday, November 28, 2012

    im going to see no doubt tonight 

    no doubt

    i think its my 4th time seeing them?

    obvs the first times were with ashley, the worlds biggest nd fan.

    i believe we saw two shows at staples center

    and one at ucla’s wadsworth almost exactly 11 years ago

    oh crap and one at the long beach arena almost exactly 10 years ago today

    i really wanted to go to this little residency that they are having at the Gibson in universal city but tickets were hella expensive. like $100 to sit anywhere halfway good.

    so i figured oh well you dont have anyone who would wanna go with you anyhow,

    but then yesterday live nation was selling single ticket seats for $40

    with no service fees at all

    and i was all, mama mia maybe i really have no excuse

    plus as you know im a sucker for deals.

    so i got my one ticket, right in the middle of the loge, center

    and even though its gonna be rainy tonight

    i will be there bopping along with the rock steady beats.

    full report later, duh.