just finished reading the bible for the second time


i never finish any book.

cant believe finished that one now 2x.

kept falling asleep

like the devil was sitting on my head.

he doesnt want us to accomplish nothing

that way we dont move on to the next thing

whats my next thing now?

Revelation went fast.

not as freaky as i remembered it being.

freaky, sure, but not supra freaky.

but maybe its like

when you see the end of 2001

a second time,

you know kubrick

and sorta know what youre getting into.

some people knew how to beat the devil

in revelation.

thats the one thing i learned tonight.

and they have a song.

maybe the next thing is

to memorize the song.

who doesnt wanna be part of the chorus

who knows the f u devil song

without needing

a cheat sheet.