kill yr idols

lance armstrong

in the early 80s, sonic youth released a noisy little EP in germany called “kill yr idols”

in which Thurston challenges rock to stop pandering to critics like the Village Voice’s icon Robert Christgau

I don’t know why
you wann’ impress Christgau
ahh let that shit die
and find out the new goal
kill yr. idols
sonic death
it’s the end of the world
and confusion is sex

ever influential, unfortunately some took it the wrong way

and today actual heroes like lance armstrong and phil jackson find themselves where they shouldnt be.

despite the fact that he’s never failed a drug test,

armstrong today stepped down from the board of his charity, Livestrong.

and after a weekend of the Lakers saying they were very close to rehiring the NBAs most winningest coach,

today they said the man who coached teams to 11 championship titles was asking for “too much.”

when the only expectation for your team is the unrealistic one of championships every year

and when the coach in question has come closer to pulling that off more than anyone else,

in history,

what, pray tell, is “too much”?

rumor has it that Jackson asked for a financial part of the team. an ownership stake.

is that all that outrageous?

he’s already going to bed with the boss’s daughter. is now the time to really tell him no? when you have a team filled with aging superstars just poised to disappoint the fans and get upstaged by the hungry and thrilling hallway rival Clippers?

just a few years before Sonic Youth was telling the world that it’s the end of the world,

the Lakers signed 21-year-old Magic Johnson to a 25-year $25 million contract

later they would allow him to purchase a 4.5% stake in the team.

i dont think the Lakers would say that any of those dealings with Magic were regrettable,

thus why would they be reluctant to allow the Zen Master the ability to be a stakeholder in the organization?

sure your value doesnt drop all that much if you dont win championships each year,

but the entire Laker mystique is based on Finals-level success.

and phil jackson is the embodiment of that success.

but we live in a kill yr idols society nowadays. a recyclable era where we are with you in good times

but will turn our backs on you for any number of reasons or scenarios.

or no good reason.

when people talk about wanting their country back, sadly, this is not what they mean.

but it should be, so kill me.