1. Saturday, November 3, 2012

    maybe on saturdays I’ll do something new 


    like tell you how much you mean to me while tossing up a bunch of photos I didn’t get to post through the week


    you mean everything to me


    this week I got up several days in a row at 4:20 am which means I also took some disco naps. I gotta get better at those.


    last night Ali and I had sushi and after I dropped her off I walked around Venice beach cuz it was like 2am and I saw this white guy playing hoops on the court where they shot White Men Can’t Jump.


    the gentleman invited me to a sporting game and I said I am pretty much spent how about we play a game of $100 Horse. He said he didn’t have $100


    I said well how much do you have? he said I don’t even have my wallet on me, you see my fiancé and I were fighting, so I just got in the car and drove down here to blow off some steam. We sat on the benches and eventually he showed me a picture of her


    he asked for advice and I said you should never drive, challenge black dudes to hoops, or leave your woman at home at night alone when you’re pissed off.


    he said why? I said omg Bigfoot! and when he looked at where I pointed, I stole his basketball.