1. Friday, November 23, 2012

    my problem is most of my best ideas are super inappropriate 

    justin bieber meets stephen harper

    and yet almost every day i see people making decisions where i say to myself

    if i had done that the entire world would have exploded.

    but rarely does the world explode.

    for example if i owned a baseball team like the miami salamaders or whatever theyre called

    and i suckered the city to buy me a new ball park

    and then i treaded all of my best players (except 1) to the toronto blue jays

    i would have expected to have my owners card revoked (or at least the trade to get vetoed).

    likewise if i was the beebs and i was fixin to meet the head honcho of canadrrr to get a medal

    and i was going through my closet of spaceman outfits and assorted dbaggery

    the overalls would not have been my first choice.

    maybe its laundry day at the casa bbr.

    so this weekend i need to figure out how to make this great idea

    a tad less evil.