no doubt, gibson amphitheater 11/28/2012

gwen and tony

there has been no hotter babe singer in rock than gwen

pretty sure there hasnt been anyone even close.

she doesnt really sing all that amazingly

she doesnt really dance better than anyone else

but she has great songs to sing and a band shes known forever

very very loud screeching fans

and the secret to aging and looking beter with each day.

no doubt

the new songs were meh

the old songs were whatevs

the hits were fine

hella good and hey baby have to go though

and if youre gonna charge people $100 a ticket how about some stage production

other than a huge video screen behind the band thats pretty but come on.

people had fun. they played their two hours. gwen charmed every single person.

and the band are perfectly fine.

gwen by bree

but theres no danger, no discovery, no breakthroughs, no risks, few rewards.

few spontaneous moments, few thrilling notes, few ways to mess up.

and zero songs from gwens solo albums.

but you know, singing along to dont speak, spiderwebs, and underneath it all

and watching the fairer sex scream along to just a girl

is easily a better option on a rainy wednesday night than watching tv.

bottom photo by bree