sometimes the world isnt fair

free shrugsis it ever fair?

if america wasnt so far from everything else, would we have even had america?

and what about south and central america?

is it fair that they know we’re not talking about them when we say America?

is it fair you’re so good looking?

is it fair that its cheaper to make clothes half way around the world

and then put it on a boat and sell it in “america”

than it is to make it right down the street from the store?

is it fair that the Cubs haven’t won a world series since the year Henry Ford made the first Model T?

is it fair that we are spending billions fighting a war on weeds that even the smartest of us know we’ll never win?

is it fair that we lie to our children about santa claus and the easter bunny right when they could really be appreciating spirituality in its purest sense?

is it fair that i can walk around town with no shirt on exposing my disgusting belly and hairy chest, but a beautiful woman would be arrested for doing the same?

is it fair that they lie on soup cans and say there are two servings when no one except the very poor make two bowls of soup from one can?

is it fair that seeing a movie at the theatre sometimes cost more than buying the dvd 6 months later?

is it fair that you kiss that well, but now you dont even wanna kiss any more?

is it fair that sometimes the people who lie the most, win the most?

is it fair that i have more hair on my face than on my head?

is it fair that before we know it we’re dead?

is it fair that we go to heaven

after all that complaining?