1. Wednesday, November 21, 2012

    the only problem with holidays 

    wolfis i have to deal with questions from relatives about my marital status.

    usually i lie and say i have many wives and we all laugh.

    occasionally someone will say maybe the boy is gay.

    and i’ll say if i was gay wouldnt i dress better?

    truth of the matter is its not very responsible to flirt with the xbi and have a significant other

    my shrink says i sabotage relationships psychologically so that no ones hurt if something tragic happens if im flying chopper one and it goes down.

    which is why i stopped seeing her after one consultation.

    the thing is people are complicated beasts.

    the other thing is i hate fighting and it seems to me that you have to endure an awful lot of battles to keep a sexual relationship going.

    im willing to have 1 maybe 2 fights a month. tops. for 5 minutes each.

    if we’re spending more time stewing than kissing, im out. i dont care who you are. or who your best friend is.

    life is tough enough in the real world. when i come home i dont wanna do anything but slip into something comfortable, crank some some sweet jams, and lick wounds.

    the problem is it seems like theres only a handful of people who get that. that fun is job one of love.

    theres always an agenda. theres usually more on the menu.

    also, i may be a wolf

    in wrinkled sheeps clothing.