the week in rock, starring nate silver

by terry richardson

the week started on tuesday really i mean who are we kidding

bears colors

some people were so excited they painted their house bears colors to celebrate the former illinois senator’s re-up

others “accidentally” published the “president elect’s” homepage design to show us what we coulda had

two termz

and of course the kids celebrated their guy making us wonder, what would we be without photoshop?



or taggers

matt drudge

or matt drudge?


or the Donald?

the hug heard around the world

and yet this was the image that became the most liked in Facebook history. #BlackManCantHugHisBoo?

chicken kfc vegan

which came first, the KFC background takeover, or this “vegan’s” admission that he loves chicken?

went to a Same Height party. next time serve beer, nerds.


ever wanna drive in the carpool lanes
but youre just one dude, but you have a lot of money?
LA just answered your prayers

matthew mcconaughey

ever get sick of women thinking youre hot and critics saying you cant act?
just starve yourself for the summer, like matthew mcconaughey did.

cnn push alerts

this week we learned our nation is not only changing, but they’re speaking up in the polls

wreck-it ralph

we also learned that Disney stills got it

prince charles

we also learned what can bring a smile to Prince Charles

hollywood blvd

so party till last call

trust nate silver and keep calm

and never lose your trust in nerds