today is aj’s birthday, shes 24

when aj and i met she looked like this: long hair, maybe a streak of pink in there

aj in college

at the famously magical makeout party we looked like this:

me and aj

when she was fixing to graduate she looked like this:

aj ucsb

new years eve 1994:

nye 1994

last month in los feliz:

aj is a superstar. doing what she wants. doing what she loves.

making money helping people at what they most love.

whats better than that?

right now shes on a road trip back to nyc where shes been living for far too long

soon the stars will send her back to the west coast

the best coast

where she was born. and we will all rejoice.

until then we are happy that the other coast has treated her well

and appreciated our sweet and sassy mermaid.

happy birthday aj!