today is sass zucket’s birthday, shes 24

the thing about canadians are there arent two exactly the same.

it’s freaky.

today i woke up at 4am. i stayed in bed till 4:20. then i made some toast while i read the entire paper.

theres some messed up things going on in the world. some sweet things, but so many messed up things. it makes you wonder, am i messing things up or sweetening it?

one of the problems with life is the bad aggressive impolite people generally get way more stuff than the mellow peace and love artists

and if the name of the game is getting all the things you want in life, then there becomes less incentive for the kids of the world to choose the path marked nice.

for example, say you’re in your 60s and your wife is 60 and you’re both teachers and you know kids look up to you.

and lets also say you have a hot tub.

and lets additionally say one young boy finds you interesting, so you invite him TO YOUR HOME

you get him drunk

and you and your wife have sex with him.

including performing sodomy on the 17 year old.

and lets say you do all of this week after week for months.

then lets say you get found out and arrested and you plead guilty

but all you are given is probation. you’re not even forced to be a registered sex offender.

so again, what does this teach kids about right and wrong,

when doing one of the wrongest things there is – humping kids –

is greeted with zero punishment?

it does make you grateful for people, like sass, who do the right thing,

and are nice to people

and adopt stray dogs.

im glad she didnt get washed away in the storm.