todays ali’s birthday, shes 24

born in LA, raised in LA,

went to college in LA,

coulda been in NYC right now but instead decided to launch the biggest video game in the world

from LA

ali is everything and nothing youd expect

the instinct in some vehicles
is to smash the pedal to the floor

and crank the jams

although ali would appreciate that as much as the next young lady,

she actually has a specific playlist for said occasion

so taker easy cowboy.

ali just moved across town.

she lives next door to perfection.

she has wheels of steel in her bachelorette pad

where a television should be.

ali drinks whiskey, neat,

will perk up at the strains of hendrix,

and is far more interesting than these tiny little paragraphs but some things are best left to legend.

she did save my life in las vegas not once but twice which cancels itself out,

but im grateful nevertheless.

happy birthday ali!