todays my sisters birthday, shes 24

on the scoreboard shes beating me. huge house. long marriage. two beautiful and amazing kids. probably the best dog alive.

she gets to see my mom several times a week.

theres always old style beer in the fridge.

her pool is set to a consistant 98.6 degrees.

and shes got me as her brother.

i knew things were going to be good for her when she started learning spanish at an early age.

it was all greek to me. but for her, no probelmo.

so it didnt surprise me, when i told her that her son would be better off

if someone taught him how to be a switch hitting left handed shortstop

that he turned out to be exactly that.

and the daughter shes raising will probably be the youngest secretary of state

this nation has ever had.

there are no switch hitting left handed shortstops

or soon-to-be secretary of states in my sprawling compound.

thus, my sister wins.


happy birthday!