1. Tuesday, November 20, 2012

    whenever beebs is in town i borrow his Fisker 


    and since it was ali’s birthday i was all, yo lemme taker to dinner in it. he was all, sure

    so we had a few hot dishes, a few cold ones, she told me about what fun she had at work

    we talked about how much different her thanksgiving is gonna be compared to mine.

    i learned she doesnt like really big bedrooms

    which is weird because ive never understood houses that have a lot of really small ones,

    then peter turned the lights down, but only to tell everyone the credit card machine was broken

    ali bday

    later he turned them down again to tell everyone it was ali’s birthday

    and he brought out this ice cream that was sooooo good

    it was like a peach sherbet with a hard shell and because he reads the busblog

    he put a nice hostess ding dong on the plate but waved his magic Kanpai wand on it

    and it was ten times more delicious somehow.

    then we sped the fisker through the venice streets

    never once thinking about the bears terrible performance.