a look back at november, 2012

11/1 terrible storm sandy rips thru the east, one loyal busblog reader is affected

11/2 sass turned 24

tupac girl in the store

11/4 my fears hardly ever come true but my dreams almost always do

11/5 half day off photo essay down santa monica blvd

11/6 didnt vote for obama, but he won anyway. hope he does what he promised.

bart simpson makes fun of karl rove

11/7 canadian dude pees on his gf’s pregnancy test stick, saves his life

11/8 of course i still love you

11/9 i wake up at 4:20am now. nbd.

11/9 aj turns 24, new old photos are discovered

11/11 wreck-it ralph is the best movie of the year

11/12 kill yr idols

clockwork orange at LACMA
the shining at LACMA
full metal jacket at LACMA
the shining all work and no play at LACMA

11/13 imagine youre the guy who thought up google+

to me you are perfect

11/14 matt and emmaunelle visit america

hostess twinkees ding dongs cup cakes

11/16 adios hostess my sweet friend

11/17 a day after i ask for the impeachment of obama, he poses for the best pic of the year

11/18 ive had a good life

jonathan gold, food critic, award winner

11/18 are we still pretending we dont know what jonathan gold looks like?

ali and peter at kanpai

11/19 ali turns 24, a nation rejoices

11/20 the only problem with holidays

11/21 how mitt romney can easily become president in 2016

11/22 the story of griffith j griffith, the man who gave LA the biggest city park in the usa

11/23 thanksgiving at karisas, a photo story

11/24 good movie muddled with a poor ending

11/25 andrew w.k. is uninvited by the U.S. Embassy in Manama to deliver his message of party rocking, friendship, key changes, multiple bridges, walls of sound, and one note staccato piano lines.

11/36 sports reminds us that there are four downs in life, not just three

11/27 if i was president id put hendrix on the $11 bill

11/28 you are not alone

11/29 saw no doubt. gwen is ridiculously hot.

i tweet LA

11/30 walked around glendale as they fixed my car

whole lotta love

president barack obama giving love to the mighty led zeppelin.

perfect speech for a perfect band.

my first zeppelin record was actually my mom’s.

she had zeppelin 4 along with hendrix, barry manilow, elton john, and woodstock.

stairway of course was easily recognizable but it took ac/dc for me to realize what was in our home all along: hard rock.

then senior year of highschool, one laura hesterman gave me zeppelin 1 and 2 for my 17th birthday.

later id take her to see Sixteen Candles which she kissed me for afterwards

and my mind pretty much exploded just like the guitar solo theramin magic during whole lotta love.

im seen tons of concerts but never saw page, plant or even jason bonham.

and im ok with that for sometimes its nice to have some things simply be mythical.