xbi sabotaged my car, I’m waiting for their tow truck


this happened briefly yesterday and I blew it off.

can no longer blow it off.

the engine light says PC Load Letter

they’re coming to pick me up here on the side of the road.

but they’re playing games. they keep delaying the rescue. why? so I’ll appreciate them more?

what person wouldn’t appreciate the agency that poisoned them in college, put chips in his head, and helped him feel no pain?

they actually did teach me some cool things, like how to fly chopper one. ESP was also handy.

but I’m sleepy. I think I’ll take a nap.

if I die before I wake,

just know I meant no harm.

Update 5:01pm: they’re still not here, which figures since a beautiful young lady out of the blue asked me out for dinner tonight. Sure woulda been nice to be home in time to shave off my Movember beard and tidy the crib.

5:36 p.m. Still stranded. Considering canibalism. Or Thai place.