the worst thing you’ll see and hear all day

travolta and newton-john are back again

just like they never should have been

this weird country song is as bad as whatever is on the top of travoltas head.

the entire thing insults america’s intelligence

and if i was Bill O’Reilly i’d consider it another volley in the ongoing

War on Christmas.

robin yount should take this video hunting and shoot it.

best tow truck driver ever


after waiting two hours I finally got picked up by this guy Juan. We hit it off right away.

They got cold drinks in there? He said to me, nodding to the nearby thai restaurant, as he tied up the xbi mobile to the flatbed tow truck.

He wasn’t insinuating anything, just asking. I could have been pissed that I had waited so long but I was actually relieved so I said, what’s your drink? And bought him a Coke.

We get rolling and he says the 10’s jacked, do you mind if we take side streets? I say go for it.

Soon we’re talking about girls, work, drinking. He tells me about his buddy the drug dealer. It’s entertaining as can be.

“I don’t slang that shit but my homie do and he say yo we gotta get up in this house and pick up some yayo from this grandma,” he says as the truck is rollicking over the 1st Street bridge.

He says, “some of my people are grandparents at 40, but she was a real old grandma, but still a g. I saw her taste a little cola off the mirror when she thought I wasn’t looking.”

We laughed. We drive though east la to my car dealer. He says “bet you get attention with this car. I thought the xbi didn’t like attention?”

I was all “Exactly! I’m trying to get them off my back!”

He looked at me and said, “you loco g they ain’t let no one free. What do you think they’re gonna do to that car tomorrow? They’re gonna know your every move.”

I was all “forget about me. I ain’t hiding. Lets talk more about you. How long you had this gig?”

He tapped his fingers to the salsa playing on the radio and said, “I just got back on the road. I was doing this for five years but I dropped a car on the 101, but don’t worry, I don’t smoke weed any more until after work.”