34 best music videos of 2012. #34 Macklemore “Thrift Shop”

i am in the best mood tonight.
who knows why.
on paper it shouldnt be this way.
i had a pretty sad and intense phone call with a lovely lady last night.
a little bit heartbreaking if i can be honest with you.
and then for the last few days ive been without a car.
in LA.
which is omg.
good thing this is the busblog.
now the car is faster than ever.
now the mc rib is back
for a limited time.
after the car was picked up a mc rib found its way in me.
it was the craziest thing.
i was gonna go there Anyway.
and at exactly the same time that i saw it in the featured spot
the voice on the squawk box said welcome to mcdonalds
would you like to try a mcrib today?
when i got to window number one she was all that’ll be $5.09.
and i said I love McRibs.
and she said, I love McRibs too.
shoulda married her right then.
shoulda totally officer and gentlemanned her
picked her up in my arms, her in her uniform.
my car still in the drive thru backing up hella traffic.
mcribs on her lap.
her arms around me.
me carrying her out of the kitchen and into the dining room
of our future.
but no.
instead i just took my bag of food
drove into a nearby parking space.
applied a generous amount of hand sanitizer to my dirty paws
and squeezed out the ketchup onto the small stack of napkins
ate some fries
and then bit into the first mcrib of the season.
diabetes cures all wounds.

ways i would leave california


1. running from the law, the press, or the parents

2. blogger wanted to hire me as vp of rock

3. met a hot babe who’s broke

4. got traded to the dallas mavs

5. the cubs needed a blogger

6. virgin airlines needed an undercover air marshall

7. da bears needed a social media expert named tony pierce

8. the white house wanted an alternative blog to their current snoozefest

9. the stones wanted me to live blog their tour

10. i won the lottery and refused to pay the taxes and had to run from the irs

you dont even have to know much about hoops to enjoy this

the clippers were so on fire last night against the dallas mavericks

that big mouth Mark Cuban was beside himself courtside during the final seconds

just looking up in the sky with the saddest expression

because this is exactly the type of fast break slam dunking run n gun team he loves

the clips are young, fun, dynamic, deep, and firing on all pistons

and they blew out the mavs last night at staples to a capacity crowd

i totally shoulda gone but i took a nap, took a phone call, then slept for 7 hours more

god bless you donald t sterling for letting this happen

did I tell you Glenda B is in town?


america’s sweetheart flew in to town under the cover of darkness,
hopped in a two seat Beemer and drove from the wessside to hollywood in the middle of rush hour
to chill with your boy because he has an early bedtime these days.
the pictures dont do justice, but she looks better than ever, has a plan for world domination
and, like me, probably wont be at sxsw this year so this little visit was priceless

its funny that every time she says something i say oh so i guess you’ll be moving to cali then
and she’s all no it looks like nyc is even better than ever.

i guess we had our chance with glenda in cali way back when she was living in frisco
and sadly frisco didnt give her everything that she deserved.

but the other night hollywood did provide her with a nice steak,
some hipsters, a taste of whiskey and of course the company of the busblog.

you always learn things when you’re with glenda.
the other night i learned

a) my living room Clapper was worthless
b) i need to write a book called Ignore your Navigation when you drive in Rush Hour in LA
c) my secret blog idea needs to be totally rethought.

she invited me to a party on saturday but i really need to go to my lawyers tree trimming
i hope she forgives me