had a busy day yesterday


and it was wet. and my car wanted to go fast.

and at karisas party there was delicious food and drink.

but in the morn i had to wake up and work. so i had to chill.

talked with a former miss thailand about her trip to itly.

she was drinking baileys neat with mint in it.

made her breath smell divine.

helped me forget about the kids from that school.

not the ones who are in heaven now but the ones who arent who were being interviewed on tv.

about all the noises they heard in the hallway. and the cops.

i feel uncomfortable even taking pictures of little kids, even with permission

no way should they be subjected to having to explain visual trauma

even if their parents say its cool. how do they know?

interview the adults. plenty of adults were there.

sorry their voices arent as cute for your ratings.