it’s very easy to hate people when traveling


I pretty much love everyone.
All the time.
Can’t help it.
One reason I enjoy journalism is I like hearing people’s stories and writing down what they say.
And then taking photos of them and their surroundings.
But air traveling is different.
Driving too.
I want them to go away.
I don’t want them in “my space”.
All their communications are wrong and I correct them in my head.
To me they’re using their time wrong.
They have the wrong devices.
They’ve overpopulated.
I even judge their luggage.
Good book says bro don’t judge or you don’t get to go to the after party.
(Open bar at the after party)
Good book changes everything.
For me.
Suddenly I see angels in the outfield.
I see alive people.
No one irritates me.
They’re all just mischievous cherubs peeing into clouds.
Little kids who are about to scream on the flight tonight
will tomorrow use those lungs and energy
to be the new guardians of grunge.
And to them I say rock little babies
fucking rock.