drank a lot last night. at a lot too.

fruitspeter was showing off and busted out all these crazy fish.

one of em was born on another planet.

one came from another time.

one tried to wiggle outta getting eating by telling the future.

“bears by 9 tomorrow,” he said.

still ate him.

woke up with a hangover. all i had were old fashion aspirin.

meds from another time.

no monkey business, just magical white powder that somehow knows where the ache is.

gotta eat like a dozen of them over a period of 10 hours, though.

and take a nap at 5.

and thank the Lord for all the cool things hes given me.

like right now on Rdio im playing this 244 song Stax box set i would have never been able to afford.

and its just the sorta mellow old timey R&B

the kind jack white stole his new album from.

i should get Peter a belated Christmas gift.