my 50 favorite songs that came out in 2012


this year this was the easiest list to make ever.

every Tuesday i would go through the New Releases on rdio

and add a bunch of songs to my playlist “Hi, 2012”

and through the week i would weed out the clinkers and try to replace them with tunes i missed.

i was pretty good about not missing a Tuesday, cuz its fun.

so yes, this year was ruled by Nicki Minaj, who to me, was the star of 2012

2013 new years resolutions

rihanna chris brown

1. if i find myself judging couples for not being in a textbook love affair i will immediately paypal $20 to charity.

2. at least one hour a week dedicated to book readin

3. just one kegstand a month.

4. i’ll buy a new garbage can. a throw the hell away you hoarder, can. through the week i will put things from my long standing personal stash in there. each week at least one bag of old crap has gotta go.

5. less hangovers

6. more matinees

7. more trips to vegas and wrigley

8. one trip to mexico, possibly cuba

9. less talking about the bible. more reading it.

10. at least walk around hollywood if youre not gonna run around it.