day started out great, ended even better


got to see my niece, nephew, and my half brother.

why do i rarely talk about my bro? cuz hes in the xbi, duh. but like really.


i asked the niece what she wanted for Christmas. she thought about it for a while and said, “i’ll get back to you.”


the nephew wanted some Bears gear. i was like, even after that disappointing season? he was all, yup!


the niece said why dont you live here? i said i do. i protect you from way high above. but dont tell no one.


so she cut two huge pieces of homemade cake for me and was all, heres one for now and one for later.


and heres a beer i left out in the snow for ya!


earlier in the day my mom and i went to the mall where this 1 1/2 yr old kid was in a bungie and people were oohing and ahhhing


yes there was a store in the mall named Nirvana, playing Nirvana and my mom said wanna go in and i was like OH HELL NO


Santa was pretty busy. he waved at my ma. i said ma, everyone knows Santa’s black. don’t wave at that imposter.


we saw Lincoln which we both liked A LOT but then we saw the saddest thing: in a packed mall, ZERO kids were playing video games at the arcade. Nobama!!!!


before the movie started they had this little commercial trying to tell people to turn off their cell phones. so i did. right after i took this pic.