home stretch


totally didn’t realize till yesterday that I have a short work week this week because I’m jetting off to Chicago for Christmas

actually it was my house sitter who reminded me. why people wanna spend time in this crazy house is beyond me. but there’s a line.

there’s still elements of magic here, despite what certain naysayers suggest. but there may be a time where I move out of the very safe sanctuary of this bachelor pad.

for over a year now there’s been no decorations on the walls. boxes with items I haven’t even looked at but for some reason can’t throw out.

they’ve been talking about mental illness this week. I’m certainly attached to stuff. stuff that leads to memories. maybe when it’s hard to retrieve memories naturally its easier to have other things trigger them?

and maybe I avoid other things because of the memories they’d inspire.

maybe I’m just cray.

either way it’ll be nice to be with my family, near Wrigley, and drinking the beer from Gods country.