1. Thursday, December 13, 2012

    is RG3 really black 

    The problem isn’t the question – because black folk do have these types of discussions.

    It’s the delivery and the subject.

    RG3 is the new black hero. He’s the Michael Vick you can actually enjoy pulling for.

    And he’s a rookie. And he should have been picked #1 but Indy wanted Luck.

    Truth is he’s perfect on DC, in DC.

    Everythings perfect.

    And he’s black.

    So what his fiancée’s white. Why’s she even a determining factor in the last days of 2012?

    People want to be judged on other things than skin color but then judge a dude on the skin color of his girl.

    Is Kanye not “down with the cause” because hes spending time with an Armenian gentlewoman?

    That’s why Steven A is speechless for the first time in his fool life.

    Because yes these conversations happen, but they’re usually in the 15th inning

    Between two brothas bored to death, cursing the fact that they cut off beer in baseball games at the 7th inning, and theres nothing else to talk about

    And one of them is slightly annoying in his militantism.

    And you turn to him if he asks you if RG3 is black

    and you say fool if he woulda gotten jailed for marrying that white girl

    as early as 45 years ago

    then he black.