superheroes are just like us

superhero in runyon

Scott asks What do you think about the J Mascis interview Marc Maron did?

i liked it a lot. id never heard J open up so much, especially to some very basic and obvious questions. but its clear he liked Marc and vice versa. especially loved the tunes at the end.

Danielle Ciavarro asks why are Fridays the best day of the week?

because the concept of a kickass party at the end of the week is a concept that goes back centurie.

josé martinez queries what song by Coldplay embodies what you hate about Coldplay? Asking for a friend.

as a matter of fact just last night i was enjoying the company of two beautiful spirits and yellow came on pandora. and i thought to myself well the girls like it, im sure, i should just be cool with all of this. but after a minute i thought this last minute has been an absolute lie. and i said, hey im gonna change this music if thats ok. and one of the ladies said thank god and if i hadnt just met her minutes previous i would have given her an open mouthed kiss.

CeCe Creechen Yeah asks Jack White or Jack Black?

theyre both excellent men and fine contributors to the grand tapestry of american music. ive seen them both in concert and they gave me great pleasure. a lessor man would say its a tie, which if course it is, but you ask me to choose, and if i were to choose just one, id go with Black because humor is a tougher trick than anything in the world. even genius.

JP would like to know Ford or Chevy?

another tossup, but the xbi pushes camaros and when you retire, vettes. asks who is the oddest person you have ever worked with or for? Yes, I am asking you to name names and to judge them.

i am always the oddest ball in the building.

tomdog wonders how do I break into show business?

you have to kick down the door with love, passion, and creativity. the good news is show business is frequently disloyal, thus wide open to the new kid in town.