whole lotta love

president barack obama giving love to the mighty led zeppelin.

perfect speech for a perfect band.

my first zeppelin record was actually my mom’s.

she had zeppelin 4 along with hendrix, barry manilow, elton john, and woodstock.

stairway of course was easily recognizable but it took ac/dc for me to realize what was in our home all along: hard rock.

then senior year of highschool, one laura hesterman gave me zeppelin 1 and 2 for my 17th birthday.

later id take her to see Sixteen Candles which she kissed me for afterwards

and my mind pretty much exploded just like the guitar solo theramin magic during whole lotta love.

im seen tons of concerts but never saw page, plant or even jason bonham.

and im ok with that for sometimes its nice to have some things simply be mythical.