i hate looking back into the past

which is why the summary below of all of the “best” posts of the busblog in 2012 took so long.

even if the history was generally favorable (thanks to nothing in here being true, etc)

my problem is behind every glorious photo i remember the context (which wasnt always glorious)

or i remember what was missing. (which is usually you)

after years and years of these feelings, ive done a pretty good job of being in the present

and doing my best to look forward, rarely backwards.

but at the end of the year i feel like i *should* do a little wrap up.

so i can learn from the unsaid mistakes

and thank Jah for the bountiful gifts.

i have been blessed with oh so many gifts over the years, including last year

health, luck, friends, employ, family all being part of it

and for that i do my best to respect all of that

and not whip out my johnson and wee in LAX

any old time i have one too many long island ice teas.

my kids are all gonna go to party schools

so when they look back they’ll never do what mr twilight above

did yesterday.