ashleys boyfriend says it was supposed to be like that, and will return

jamie kennedy apparently is pulling a Pee Wee Herman from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

remember when Pee Wee was riding his bike, made a great jump

but wiped out in front of a bunch of kids and said

“i meant to do that”?

looks like Kennedy will make a return next NYE

hopefully at the scene of the crime

hopefully without a clock so no one knows when its 2014

hopefully with Macy Gray and Bone Thugs

“It was totally supposed to be like that,” Kennedy told none other than the New York Times. “We wanted to make almost an anti-New Year’s Eve show, and the recipe calls for unexpected. We had an open bar for our guests, we were unrehearsed. It was not glamorous. We shot at the apex of craziness on Hollywood Boulevard on New Year’s Eve, in front of one of the most highly visible places, the Chinese Theater, and it was more like a block party type of feel.”

Kennedy explains it was all a huge success:

“We wanted to make a stink. Did we know it was going to make this much of a stink? No. But if I had done this correctly, would I be talking to you right now? No. How many people are talking about a New Year’s special on the 4th? Carson Daly, Ryan Seacrest – no. They’re talking about me. Some people really go after you, and I don’t know where the hate comes from. Here’s what I say: I didn’t stab nobody, I didn’t shoot nobody. I just made a New Year’s Eve special. Is that so bad?” he said.

But then he said it was a bomb?

“With the Internet, you can’t fail anymore. Everything has to be perfect. How come you can’t fail anymore, or trying something? O.K., so maybe it didn’t work. But I tried, and you’re talking about it,” Kennedy said, perhaps not knowing it DID work

Sadly this kind of mayhem cannot be duplicated with as much cheesy nonsense.

But then again, I guess there is the Hollywood Christmas Parade every year…