first book imma read all the way thru in 2013 is gonna be xTx’s

billie the bull

this summer after “knowing” each other a good 20-30 years
xTx and i finally met each other IRL at a holiday party in the sky

people say that they see me or saw me or thought they saw me
which is fine since i dont really keep that many things private

but when i got the txt from her that she saw me
standing on a balcony
i looked around and said
i suppose I AM on a balcony right now!
(6845 del playa, fyi)

and soon we were actually meeting each other in real life
and it was very nice.

today her new book
billie the bull came out and the postman delivered mine today
and i cant wait to put it in my pocket
roll my laundry down to lucy’s
and do my damn wash and read
billie the bull!

little books in 2013!!!!